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Adult Travel Forum - A Guide to the World's Most Nortorious ResortsAdult Travel Forum - A Guide to the World's Most Nortorious Resorts
Adult Travel Forum - A Guide to the World's Most Nortorious Resorts
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Slut Wear (stripper clothing)

Adult resorts such as Hedonism or Desire are well known for their dress code (or lack of one) during dinner you can pretty much wear whatever you want. All your good parts need to be covered but the coverage can be sheer or just about non-existant. For instance a simple fish net is coverage enough. The individual restaurants (other than the main dining room) do have a slightly higher dress code, but you can still show off your goods by wearing barely there or see through garments. You should verify the dress code with your individual resort.

In addition to dressing this way every night, there can be theme nights for special outfits, and you can win prizes if your costume wins in one of the variety of categories.

Part of the fun of adult travel is dressing as daring as you like, and its not always easy to find the proper attire where you might live, thats what the Internet is for. We've partnered with some Internet merchants to bring you a selection of slut wear and stripper attire for Men and Women, and plus sizes. You can click the images below to browse the selection.

Wicked Temptations

Wicked Temptations really has the best selection of what I'd call "Slut wear" or "stripper clothes." This is specifically what they specialize in. The 5 inch skirts, the slutty club wear, the one-piece improbable slingshot like get ups. Lycra, latex, and leather abounds. They also have plus size options and a costume selection, as well as the extremely skimpy swimwear. I especially like their liquid-metal collection. Nothing says Vegas stripper than a shiny and colorful halter with microskirt.

Visit Wicked Temptations Now.

Earth's biggest ecommerce site does contain a sizeable amount of lingerie and other adult projects. They have, perhaps, the widest selection. Should you buy from them though? Well, one of the downsides of a super big collection is that it can be harder to find what you're looking for, you have to weed through a lot of stuff, and the categorization does not get as specific as other sites. Additionally, almost all of Amazon's lingerie type products are sold through their site by third party sellers, some of which are reliable, others not, and some will overcharge for shipping, or ship very slow (you don't qualify for Amazon's free shipping when buying from a third party on their site). Amazon is worth a look, for their big selection, but I consider it more of a last resort.

Visit Now.

Frederick's of Hollywood

Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc.

I would describe Frederick's of Hollywood as a racier Victoria's Secret, or a classier Wicked Temptations. They have lots of lingerie, including some flashier or sluttier things than what you'd find at Victoria's Secret, but not as nasty as what Wicked Temptations sells. They also have some clubwear and dresses that are kinda the same. Classy enough that you might wear one while NOT on vacation, but slutty enough that you'd probably not want to do so if you were going to be around family or someone you know from work. They also have a really good Corset collection if you're specifically looking for one of those.

Visit Frederick's of Hollywood Now.


Finally eBay. I don't really recommend ebay for clothing or lingerie purchases. The quality and the reliability is just too hit or miss. You get what you pay for and sometimes you'll buy clothing from ebay and it'll seem like its made of paper its so cheap. But, I love eBay for accessory shopping. Sometimes the accessories you need to complete your outfit are just too strange, too hard to find elsewhere. Do you need a grass skirt or a coconut bra? eBay. A pink or blue wig? eBay. Liquid latex? eBay. The weird and strange and hard to find is eBay's forte.

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